Who Are We

How it started

Throughout our personal experiences, we have come across a market gap in customized products. This encouraged us to initiate a business that fills that gap, called, Not in Malls. Our brand speaks for itself as we aim to fulfill the needs of those who look for customized and unique items and cannot find them in traditional stores, through providing an online platform that connects local artists directly to final customers. The three main stakeholders; artists, customers and us – the business owners- will benefit from Not in Malls as follows:
  • Artists will be able to showcase their products and talents in a user-friendly platform. They will also benefit from our business experience as we aim to guide these potential entrepreneurs into capitalizing on their talents and scaling it up in the future. 
  • Customers who value personalized and unique items will appreciate how the platform connects them to talented local artists that can fulfill their requests in a short matter of time. When customers see for themselves how Not in Malls is bridging a gap in the market, the client-agent bond will only grow stronger and we will be able to capitalize on a wide base of happy customers.
  • Us, the business owners, will be adding value to both artists and customers in exchange for a percentage of each sold item. Moreover, given the current gap, we will gain a wide market share which could eventually lead to great brand value in the future.

Our Winning Aspiration

We aspire to not only fulfill a need, but to become the number one go-to platform for any personalized item, whether it’s a t-shirt, hoodie, poster, pin, 3D figure or even an artistic painting. We will consider ourselves winners when both our customers and artists confide in our platform to trade customized products. This will be evident through dominant local market share, increasing sales and expanded client and artist base.

Our Vision

To be your first destination for gifts and be your online mall where you can find products created just like you want

Our Mission

To provide you with a wide of range of products that can’t be found in any regular store.

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