Cove Lighting – Add a Little Touch of Class

 Cove Lighting – Add a Little Touch of Class


Cove lighting in a room can really add a touch of class. What is cove lighting you ask? Well the most common form is the kind that is installed in a crown molding around a Class rating of LED lights

tray ceiling. It is not limited to that alone though. There are actually a lot of applications for cove lights. They can be installed above the crown molding in kitchens or under the toe kick. Over cabinets in bathrooms and the toe kicks there as well is another. Basically, anyplace there is a space for it, cove lighting can be installed and create a very nice effect.

The choice of light fixtures to use for cove lighting varies. You have 4 options, and each has its place. The least costly is rope lighting. It is the easiest to install, comes in different sizes and can be plugged in. The drawback to rope lighting is it is not very bright. It will create a nice glow but won’t throw much light beyond that. You can enhance the rope by placing 2 rows in the cove. Be careful and follow manufacturers recommendations though if you do. There is spacing between ropes that should not be compromised.

Another option is fluorescent lights. The installation is a little more intensive and placement becomes an important factor. There are special units made just for cove lighting. These units overlap so you can avoid having dark spots. Cost for this type of light is reasonable. The bulbs will last a long time depending on use but there are a couple of downside issues. One is the type of light is sometimes a problem for some people and appears a bit commercial. The other issue is you will need dimmable ballasts if you want to dim them. This will add cost to the project.

Low voltage linear lighting is another method and my favorite for looks. It is a little pricier, but the light is just right for a cove in my opinion. This method of lighting has many advantages. The bulbs are moveable allowing for adding or subtracting to get the desired results. They can be easily dimmed with the proper dimmer and the tracks can be modified easily on the jobsite to allow every inch to be illuminated.



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